(See also our page on Disease Resistant Roses)






Disease resistant.
A very nice pink blend hybrid tea that gives a lot of blooms that are nice for cutting.  This variety also has some fragrance.


Big Red

Photo courtesy of K and M Nursery


Nice, big bush that grows well with a medium red bloom that is a nice cut flower.

      Black Magic   

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Dark red.  Gorgeous red velvet-colored blooms with classic form have 30 petals and are borne on long stems.  Plant grows well and repeats rapidly.

Bride's Dream

Brides Dream - bare root rose
Photo courtesy of Edmunds' Roses



Tall, upright plant produces large, light pink blooms with 25-30 petals.  Foliage is medium green.  Seems to look best in spring.

Cajun Sunrise


Pink-yellow, pink blend blooms.  Mild fragrance.  26 to 40 petals.  Average diameter 4.5".  Large, full-bloom form.


Photo courtesy of K and M Nursery


Is very similar to Double Delight in color, but grows better and the blooms have better form.  It is not fragrant, like Double Delight.

Double Delight

Double Delight bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Red and white, red edges. Strong, spice fragrance.  Must be routinely sprayed with a fungicide to prevent black spot.   Average diameter 5". Double (17-25 petals), high-centered bloom form.  

Falling in Love

Falling in Love bareroot rose
 Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Pink blend. Upper: medium to soft pink, reverse: creamy pink.  Moderate fragrance.  Average diameter 4.75".  Large, full (26-40 petals), borne mostly on solitary bloom form.


Gemini bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Rich cream blushing to deep coral blooms have 25-30 petals with spiral exhibition form.  Good growing, medium-tall bush.  Great all-around rose that repeats well.  Is at its best in moderate weather.

Grande Amore



A nice, rich red rose that looks stunning on the bush or in a vase.

Grande Dame


If it is fragrance you like, then this variety may be for you.  The deep pink blooms are a real treat for the nose.  The blooms have the "old garden" form.

Great Scott


A wonderful medium pink on a vigorous plant. This variety produces lots of nice blooms for the garden and also for cutting.

Here's Gert

Photo courtesy of Cool Roses



Pink.  Moderate fragrance.  26-40 petals.  Large, full exhibition bloom form.  Tall, upright growth habit.  Dark green foliage.  Height of up to 6'

Hot Princess

Photo courtesy of Jeff Garrett

Deep pink. Exhibition bloom form. This rose loves our climate and is very vigorous.  It is a large plant with good, long stems for cutting.  This rose is from the florist industry.



An orange blend variety from the florist industry.  This variety does well in our climate and produces nice medium orange blooms.

Let Freedom Ring

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Light red color.  Long stems, excellent form.  No fragrance.  17-25 petals.  Large, double, high-centered bloom form.  Tall, upright growth habit. Medium green foliage.  Height of 5 1/4 to 6 1/4'





A vigorous dark red rose that grows like a weed.  Give it room as the canes can get rather tall.  Good for cutting also.

Louise Estes


White with pink edge blooms have great exhibition form.  Prolific bloomer that loves hot weather!  Plant is not hard to grow and has strong stems and great substance.  Good garden variety also.

Marijke Koopman

Produces a vast number of spiral shaped neon pink blooms with 25 petals.  Easy to grow, medium-height plant has dark green foliage. A good variety for garden and cutting.


Photo courtesy of Dave Bang, San Jose, CA


From the florist industry, this medium yellow plant has good color even in the heat of summer.  Grows and blooms well in our area.


Photo courtesy of Edmunds' Roses and Weeks Roses


White bloom with light pink edge has 30-35 petals.  Actually prefers some heat to bring out the best form.  Plants are medium size.  Plant needs to be routinely sprayed to prevent black spot.

Perfectly Red



Dark red blooms. Apple fragrance.  30 petals. Average diameter 4.5".

Randy Scott


This is simply the best white rose on the market!  It grows well and produces perfect pure white blooms.

Rina Hugo

Rina Hugo bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Large, deep pink blooms have 35-40 petals and are generally of exhibition form.  Has nice dark green foliage and long stems.

St. Patrick

Photo courtesy of Edmunds Roses and Weeks Roses


Chartreuse blooms have a hint of green in the heat of summer.  Blooms have 30-35 petals.  Great garden rose that takes the heat and blooms its head off.  Blooms are sometimes a little flat.  Generally needs a little winter protection.


Photo courtesy of Kathy Strong, San Juan Capistrano, CA

This variety produces lots of very nice deep pink blooms.  Plant is medium height.

Sister Ruby


A nice pink blend rose with color similar to Gemini.  The rich, pink blooms are blushed with a creamy white.  Just a beautiful rose.



A wonderful medium orange rose that really stands out in the garden.  Also makes a great cut flower.  Bush grows well in our climate.

T. H. Coop

Photo courtesy of Larry Meyer

This rose has both dark and light shades of red in the blooms.  The blooms have good form and substance so they make great cut flowers.  Plant grows well.

The McCartney Rose


Named in honor of Paul McCartney, this medium pink rose has good form and wonderful fragrance.  The plant grows and blooms well.

Rosa Hybrid Tea (Tiffany)
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Rose-pink, yellow undertones, salmon-pink shading.  Very strong, fruity fragrance in spring and fall.  Summer seems to bake the fragrance out. .  25 to 30 petals.  Average diameter 4.75".  Very large, very double, borne mostly solitary, high-centered bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  

Touch of Class

Photo courtesy of Edmunds' Roses


Glowing coral pink blooms that consistently have spiral exhibition form.  Large blooms have about 30 petals.  Medium-tall plant is vigorous with deep green foliage.  One of top-rated exhibition roses of all time!

Veterans' Honor

Photo courtesy of Jackson & Perkins


Best deep red to come along in some time.  Big blooms have high centers with exhibition form and are borne on long, straight stems.  Blooms have 25-30 petals and are 5 to 5 1/2 inches across.  Plant is a tall grower.

Other recommended Hybrid Teas:

Elizabeth Taylor
Fragrant Lace
Here's Sam
Lovers Lane
Marlan's Day
Opening Night
Uncle Joe




Dick Clark

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Creamy, pink edges, ages to dark red .  Moderate, cinnamon, spice fragrance.  30 petals.  Average diameter 4.5".  Medium, full (26-40 petals), borne mostly solitary, classic hybrid tea bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Long, pointed buds.  Tall, bushy, upright.  Large, glossy, dark green foliage.  Height of 5' to 5½'   Width of 3' to 4' (90 to 120 cm). 

Fragrant Plum

Fragrant Plum bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Mauve or purple blend. Strong, fruity fragrance.  20 to 25 petals.  Medium to large, double (17-25 petals) bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. 


Gold Medal

Photo courtesy of Edmunds Roses

Tall plant with medium-size exhibition blooms that are deep yellow with orange-red edges and have 30-35 petals.  Introduced in 1983, this rose has proven to be a winner in the garden and at the show table.  Color is deeper during moderate temperatures.


Happy Go Lucky


Disease Resistant
A medium yellow grandiflora that produces lots of nice blooms.  An excellent garden variety.


Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Fragrant, pale lavender blooms have 30-35 petals and are 4 to 5 inches across.  Elegant exhibition form rose is a tall grower with medium green foliage.

Melody Parfumée

Photo courtesy of Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden

Strong, old rose fragrance.  26 to 40 petals.  Average diameter 4.5". Medium, full bloom form.  Height of 4' to 5'

Mother of Pearl


Disease Resistant
A very pretty light pink grandiflora.  Bush grows well and produces lots of nice blooms for cutting.

Tahitian Treasure

Disease Resistant
A deep pink grandiflora from the famous Bill Radler (father of Knock Out).  In addition to being disease resistant, this variety also has some fragrance.

Other recommended Grandifloras

About Face
Scarlet Knight
Wild Ginger


Variety Description
Betty Boop

Photo courtesy of Edmunds Roses and Weeks Roses

Naturally rounded and compact plant produces eye-catching white with red-edged blooms.  Has 6-12 petals and repeat blooms quickly.  Needs to be sprayed to prevent black spot.


Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier



This eye-catching rose grows and blooms well.  The vigorous plant has blooms with various shades of orange.  Black spot resistant, prolific bloom.

Doris Day



A new rich medium yellow on a nice plant with pretty foliage.  This variety is good in the garden and also in a pot.  Seems to always be in bloom with lots of sprays.

Gruss An Aachen

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Sweetly fragrant compact plants are highly adaptable. Buds open as a large pale pink double flowers and fade to creamy white.  Black spot resistant, prolific bloom.

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Weeks' Roses

Russet  blooms. Mild, Fruity fragrance.  25 to 30 petals. Average diameter 4". Large, double, ruffled bloom form


Photo courtesy of Edmunds Roses

Medium, compact plants are easy to grow and produce loads of pure white blooms.  One of the top ten roses in the world.  Great in mass plantings.  Very prolific but it loves black spot.  Needs to be routinely sprayed.

Julia Child

Julia Child bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Butter-yellow. Strong, licorice fragrance.  Average diameter 4".  Medium, full (26-40 petals), in small clusters, old-fashioned bloom form.

Mardi Gras

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier



Truly reminiscent of the carefree days of Mardi Gras, this new floribunda has a large cluster of flowers with bright yellow, orange and pink hues. As a strong repeat bloomer, with a good fragrance, Mardi Gras will likely become one of your garden favorites. In form, this rose would be excellent as either a specimen or a small hedge, and is very heat resistant.

Oh My!

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


A nice dark red single, somewhat similar to the ever popular Europeana.  The biggest difference is that this variety is not as susceptible to black spot as Europeana.  Also makes a very nice choice for the container. The compact plant always seems to be in bloom.

Pumpkin Patch

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier



Produces lots of beautiful caramel orange blooms.  Plant grows and blooms well.

Sexy Rexy

Sexy Rexy bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Pink. Mild fragrance.  40 petals. Medium, double (17-25 petals) bloom form.  Medium, upright growth habit.

Sparkle & Shine

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier



A vigorous, deep yellow variety that will give you lots and lots of quality blooms.

Walking on  Sunshine

'Walking On Sunshine' rose photo


Yellow, lighter outer petals. Moderate fragrance.  Medium, cluster-flowered, ruffled bloom form. This plant is almost always in bloom.  Has beautiful, glossy foliage.


Other recommended Floribundas:

Lady of the Dawn

Other recommended Polyanthas

Marie Pavie
Mlle Cecile Brunner
Perle d'Or
White Pet


Variety Description
All the Rage

Photo courtesy of Chamblee's Nursery


Disease Resistant
This variety from Bailey Nurseries' Easy Elegance series produces lots of nice apricot blooms that are larger than those produced by Knock Out.  This variety does not require spraying for disease in our area.


BE-BOP™Pat 16252
Photo courtesy of Heirloom Roses
Shades of red, yellow, cerise and cream produced in large clusters. These eye-popping colors make a standout of a show in the landscape. Continual bloom, Good disease resistance,  Bloom 3", Petals 4-11

Blushing Knockout

Blushing Knock Out bareroot rose
Photo Courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Disease Resistant 
Light pink blooms.  No fragrance.  7 to 11 petals. Medium, single bloom form.

Carefree Beauty

Disease Resistant
Carefree Beauty is characterized by its tolerance to cold winter temperatures, its continuous and profuse vase-life production of very large, delicate pink flowers throughout the growing season, and its adaptability for use as a low shrub or as a mass effect, low-maintenance bedding plant.

Carefree Spirit


Disease resistant
A red with white reverse shrub that produces tons of single blooms.  This variety is short in height.

Carefree Sunshine

Disease Resistant
A light yellow single shrub that grows and blooms well.  Lots of blooms for the garden on a vigorous plant.

Double Knockout

Double Knock Out bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Disease Resistant 
Deep pink/light red. As you might suspect, this sister seedling of the famous Knock Out  has some sisterly similarities – same great 
black spot resistance, same deep pink color & similar gray-green foliage. Yet, as is often the case with sisters, there are those all-important differences to tout – a few more petals & a more compact rounded habit. If you love one, you’ll likely love the other. Medium/compact & rounded.

Double Pink Knock Out

Photo courtesy of Star Roses

Disease Resistant

Can be used for beds and borders, cut flower garden, hedge, landscape or shrub.  Heat tolerant.


Flamingo Kolorscape


Disease Resistant
A vibrant, hot pink from Kordes.  This shrub grows and blooms well on glossy green foliage.  Another good choice for the landscape.


Golden Celebration



This is a David Austin variety that takes a year or two to get established.  This is not uncommon on many of the David Austin varieties.  The blooms have a rich deep yellow color and are usually one to a stem, which makes them a candidate for cutting.


Heritage bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Light pink blooms. Strong, lemon fragrance.  40 petals. Average diameter 3.5'. Large, cupped, double bloom form.

Home Run

Home Run   (s)  o.r. bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Disease Resistant
This flame-red offspring of the famous Knock Out rose kicks disease resistance up a notch higher! Home Run not only has phenomenal fortitude against black spot, but also has complete resistance to powdery mildew and high tolerance to downy mildew. Nearly always in flower, the rounded, bushy plants hit a grand slam in the landscape and scores lots of points in a pot, too.

Kardinal Kolorscape


Disease Resistant
A rich, red shrub from Kordes.  This variety produces tons of blooms and makes a nice landscape alternative to Knock Out.

Knock Out

KNOCK OUT™ (RADrazz) Pat 11836
Photo courtesy of Heirloom Roses


Disease Resistant
Rounded, bushy plant is easy to grow and highly disease resistant.  Blooms are magenta with 5-7 petals.  Looks stunning in mass plantings.

My Girl

Photo courtesy of Chamblee's Nursery


Disease Resistant
From the Bailey Nurseries' Easy Elegance series, this variety is just as disease-resistant as Knockout, but has better flowers.  The deep pink blooms generally have good size.  The plant will grow medium in height.

Peppermint Pop

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Disease Resistant
From the same hybridizer as the famous Knock Out, this variety has light pink blooms with a white reverse.  The bushy, medium-height plants grow and bloom well and are just as disease-resistant as Knock Out.

Pink Knock Out

Pink Knock Out bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier


Disease Resistant
Knock Out set the stage for black spot resistance and you will probably see a multitude of Knock Out knockoffs as the wave of the future. Fortunately, this medium pink is a color mutation or “sport” of the original and boasts a softer, easier color while still maintaining the original’s great plant qualities….a great rounded habit, single flower form and “no spray” black spot resistance. Great for mass plantings where a carefree rose is needed.


Photo Courtesy of Heirloom Roses

Disease Resistant
Light pink with a strong fragrance.  Can be used for beds and borders, cut flower, garden, landscape or shrub.  Very disease resistant, very mildew resistant.
Sally Holmes
Photo courtesy of Heirloom Roses

Large, tightly packed trusses of rich, ivory-white single flowers with golden centers on a vigorous, compact bush. `Sally Holmes' has proven to be one of the most outstanding shrub roses. It is now rated the second highest by the American Rose Society. A wonderful shrub rose that should be in the gardens of all those who love white roses. Over 60 blooms to a truss. Always in bloom


Take it Easy

Disease Resistant
A new shrub from Weeks Roses.  The blooms are red with a white reverse.  The plant is rather compact for a shrub.


Disease Resistant
A medium red shrub that is compact and makes a great container variety.  Just plant it and watch for the color!

Other Recommended Shrubs:

Carefree Delight
Distant Drums
Gee Whiz
Graham Thomas
Hawkeye Belle
Heart 'n' Soul
Joseph F. Lamb
Morey's Pink
Queen Bee
Rural Rhythm
Sunbonnet Sue
William Shakespeare 2000


Variety Description

Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Vigorous grower, blooms on both old and new wood.  Blooms have 5-7 petals and are dark velvety red with a striking yellow eye.


Rosa Climbing (America o.r.)
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Salmon-pink, Orange-pink & orange-pink blend  blooms.  Mild  fragrance. 43 petals. Average diameter 3".  


Don Juan

Don Juan bareroot rose
Photo courtesy of Regan Nursery and their supplier

Dark red  blooms. Strong fragrance.  Height of 8' to 12'  

Fourth of July


Photo courtesy of 
Jeff Garrett

Nice, bright color combination of red with white stripes.  Heavy bloomer, even in heat.  Vigorous plant has sparkling green foliage.  One of few climbers to win AARS honors.

Other Recommended Climbers:



Variety Description


Photo courtesy of Rosemania


Cream rose with deep apricot edging is a show stopper.  Medium-size plant has dark green, glossy foliage.

Bee's Knees

Photo courtesy of Almost Heaven Roses Roses

Beautiful medium yellow bloom with pink edging. Lots of exhibition blooms with pinpoint centers, beautiful foliage, and long stems. What more could you ask for. Should be in every rose growers garden. Definitely a queen contender. Blooms constantly even in heat.
Best of '04

Photo courtesy of Whit Wells

Yellow and orange. None to mild fragrance. Average diameter 1.75". Medium, double (17-25 petals), borne mostly solitary, exhibition bloom form.


Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Creamy light yellow hybrid tea shaped blooms are borne on strong stems.  One of the top exhibition miniatures of all time.


Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Peachy pink blooms of exhibition form on a very strong bush. 

Glowing Amber

Glowing Amber,Miniature Roses,rose,roses,love,romance
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Great red and yellow bi-color blooms with great form and pinpoint center.  Does best on Fortuniana rootstock.



Photo courtesy of Bridges Rose

Large, high centered, exhibition blooms of red and white on a strong plant. 

Hot Tamale

Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Orange-red with yellow reverse blooms have 35-40 petals.  Blooms have classic hybrid tea form and exhibit well.



Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Lavender blooms with yellow reverse have good exhibition form.  Medium-tall plant.


Photo courtesy of John's Miniature Roses

The flowers are a soft creamy white with a light blush pink center depending on the weather.  An upright bush 24 inches tall.


Memphis Queen

Photo courtesy of Lazaro Potestad
Photo courtesy of Two Sisters Roses

Pure white exhibition form blooms with lots of petals.  Plant is easy to grow and good in garden or for show.

Miss Flippins

Miss Flippins,rose,Rose,Miniature Roses
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Medium red blooms have good exhibition form.  Plant appears to like a little shade in heat of summer.


Party Girl

Photo courtesy of Nor'East Roses


Spicy fragrance.  An outstanding, high-centered bloom of soft apricot yellow, flushed with salmon pink. Exhibition form. Plant is upright and vigorous. A top exhibition rose in the US. 1981 Award of Excellence.



Pierrine,Miniature Roses,roses,rose,romance,love
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Beautiful medium pink has good exhibition form.  Excellent all-around rose.

Sam Trivitt

Sam Trivett
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Soft apricot exhibition blooms on a compact plant with dark green foliage.

Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Pink blend  blooms.  Mild fragrance.  41 petals. Average diameter 1.5". Small, full bloom form.



miniature roses - Tennessee
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Exhibition form salmon pink blooms with a lighter reverse.  Vigorous plant produces lots of blooms


Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Beautiful white blooms have blush of deep pink on edges of petals.  Relatively fast growing plant has long stems.

Other Recommended Miniatures:

Baby Boomer
Cal Poly
Erin Alonso
Luis Desamero
Marie Jeannette
Millie Walters
Minnie Pearl
Nancy Jean
Piña Colada
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Melody


Variety Description

Photo Courtesy of Two Sisters Roses


Pink blend blooms with 17-25 petals. 1.5" diameter blooms borne mostly solitary. Full bloom form with lots of exhibition potential.  Whit Wells, Hybridizer.  Height  24" - 36"
Mild fragrance

Autumn Splendor


Produces beautiful, large yellow with red edge blooms.  Eye-catching rose grows well and blooms profusely.

Butter Cream

Photo courtesy of Michelle LeVan-Steklenski

Yellow (butter), medium yellow blooms.  No fragrance.  26 to 40 petals. Average diameter 2". Large blooms, borne mostly solitary. Exhibition, full, high-centered bloom form.  



Large white miniflora is good exhibition rose as well as cut flower.  Bush has large green foliage




Dark red, very prolific bloomer.  Plant grows tall and is vigorous.


Dr. John Dickman


Red edge, white reverse, mauve & mauve blend blooms. Moderate fragrance. 26 to 40 petals. Average diameter 2". Medium, borne mostly solitary, exhibition, full bloom form.

Foolish Pleasure

Foolish 2005 small.jpg
Photo courtesy of Rosemania

Introducing one of the latest miniflora roses from hybridizer, David Clemons. The more we see this beautiful rose, the more we like it. A vigorous grower with many blooms that last a long time. This is a lovely rose that has already shown its presence on the show table. We feel it is David's best yet!

Leading Lady

Leading Lady
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

A gorgeous exhibition form miniflora with blooms of white blushed with light pink centers. An abundance of beautiful blooms and foliage come on a vigorous plant. (Tall)

Louisville Lady

Photo courtesy of Two Sisters Roses

Lighter reverse, deep pink  blooms. None to mild fragrance.  26 to 40 petals. Average diameter 2".  Large, borne mostly solitary, exhibition, full bloom form. Bushy, spreading, tall growth habit. Large, glossy, dark green foliage. Mild fragrance.

Memphis King

Photo courtesy of Heirloom Roses


Exhibition deep red with lots of petals from Whit Wells. Probably his best yet. Already a Proven winner  as Mini Queen at Nationals In Tulsa. Has placed 19 in the top 25 in its second year of showing. A must have for  exhibitors 

Overnight Scentsation

Photo courtesy of Nor'East Miniature Roses

Very fragrant miniflora that has been in space!  Large medium-pink blooms with lots of petals grows well.  Good container variety.


Tiffany Lynn

Tiffany Lynn
Photo courtesy of Bridges Roses

Blooms light to medium pink at edges, blending to white in center. Large high-centered, slightly fragrant. Medium green semi-glossy foliage, bushy growth.


Photo courtesy of Angel Gardens



White or white blend.  26 to 40 petals. Average diameter 2".  Tall, upright growth habit. Medium, semi-glossy, medium green foliage

Other Recommended Minifloras

Abby's Angels
Dr. Troy Garrett
Fitzhugh's Diamond
Memphis Magic
Memphis Music
Patriot's Dream
Peter Cottontail
Regina Lee
Robin Alonso
Rocky Top
Sassy Cindy
Sweet Cheeks
Tiffany Lite


Variety Description

Vick's Caprice

Mr. Vick found this striped flower sport on an ‘Archiduchess Elisabeth d’Autriche’ in his Rochester, New York garden in 1891. Its flowers are large, fully double, and cupped. Its most remarkable feature is the floral coloration - an irregular striping of soft pink and lilac with random flecks of white. Like its parent, it has an upright habit, soft green foliage, few thorns, an excellent fragrance, and makes a very nice cut flower.

Souvenir de la Malmaison

Souvenir De La Malmaison
Photo courtesy of Edmunds' Roses

First introduced in 1843 to commemorate the famous rose garden established by Josephine I near Paris. It is considered to be the best of the French bourbons and certainly the most reliable for repeat bloom and adaptability. The many-petaled, blush pink flowers open flat and quartered and are endowed with wonderful spicy-sweet perfume. The plants are compact with wide, dark green, semi-glossy foliage. Ideal for the front of the border or containers.

Kronprinzessin Viktoria von Preussen

Photo Courtesy of Antique Rose Emporium


Cream, yellow center. Moderate fragrance.  Large, very double bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Upright growth habit.  Height of 4'  Width of 36". 


Marchesa Boccella

Photo Courtesy of Antique Rose Emporium

A mild confusion surrounds this rose, since it is apparently the same plant that was also sold much later under the name ‘Jacques Cartier’. ‘Marchesa Boccella’ is in constant bloom, one of the few members of the class to justify the "perpetual" in its name. The delicate pink flowers are flat, petal-crowded confections that sit in clusters of three atop healthy, jade green foliage.

Mademoiselle de Sombreuil

Photo courtesy of Antique Rose Emporium


White, pink undertones. Mild to strong, tea rose fragrance.  Large, semi-double to double, cluster-flowered bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  


Other Recommended Old Garden Roses:

Belle des Jaardins
Clotilde Soupert
Crested Moss
Edith de Murat
Empress Josephine
Francis Dubreuil
Ferdinand Pichard
Rosa Eglanteria

Rosa Moschata
Baron Girod de l'Ain


Because of the volatility in the rose market, sources for individual roses are no longer listed.  Instead, below is a listing of sources that our members have used, with contact information for them.  It's also a good idea to check our local nurseries:  Beaty's Fertilizer, Holcomb's Nurseries, Ooltewah Nursery and Green Thumb Nursery.


Antique Rose Emporium
9300 Lueckemeyer Road
Brenham, TX 77833
K&M Nursery
1260 Chicora River Road
Buckatunna, MS 39322
601- 648-2908
Fax: 601-648-2151 

Chamblee Roses
10926 US-69
Tyler, TX


Regan Nursery   
4268 Decoto Road   
Fremont ,  CA   94558  
800 249-4680  



Cool Roses (Foruniana grafted)
888 Chase Road
West Palm Beach, FL 333415
4020 Trail Ridge Drive
Franklin, TN 37067


Edmunds' Roses
6235 SW Kahle Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070-9727


Roses Unlimited (own root roses)
363 N. Deerwood Drive
Laurens, SC 29360


Heirloom Roses
24062 NE Riverside Drive
St. Paul, Oregon 97137
Tel: 503- 538-1576
Fax: 503- 538-5902

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