All the Rage


This variety from Bailey Nurseries' Easy Elegance series produces lots of nice apricot blooms that are larger than those produced by Knock Out.  This variety does not require spraying for disease in our area.



A very nice pink blend hybrid tea that gives a lot of blooms that are nice for cutting.  This variety also has some fragrance.

Blushing Knock Out
Blushing Knock Out® Rose


Blushing Knock Out is a shrub rose with continuous blooms with light pink, single flowers fading to soft shell pink.

Carefree Beauty


Carefree Beauty is characterized by its tolerance to cold winter temperatures, its continuous and profuse vase-life production of very large, delicate pink flowers throughout the growing season, and its adaptability for use as a low shrub or as a mass effect, low-maintenance bedding plant.

Carefree Spirit

A red with white reverse shrub that produces tons of single blooms.  This variety is short in height.

Carefree Sunshine

A light yellow single shrub that grows and blooms well.  Lots of blooms for the garden on a vigorous plant.

Double Knock Out
Double Knock Out® Rose

Deep pink/light red. As you might suspect, this sister seedling of the famous Knock Out  has some sisterly similarities – same great black spot resistance, same deep pink color & similar gray-green foliage. Yet, as is often the case with sisters, there are those all-important differences to tout – a few more petals & a more compact rounded habit. If you love one, you’ll likely love the other. Medium/compact & rounded.

Double Pink Knock Out

Can be used for beds and borders, cut flower garden, hedge, landscape or shrub.  Heat tolerant.


Flamingo Kolorscape

A vibrant, hot pink from Kordes.  This shrub grows and blooms well on glossy green foliage.  Another good choice for the landscape.

Happy Go Lucky

A medium yellow grandiflora that produces lots of nice blooms.  An excellent garden variety.

Home Run
Home Run   (s)  o.r. bareroot rose

This flame-red offspring of the famous Knock Out rose kicks disease resistance up a notch higher! Home Run not only has phenomenal fortitude against black spot, but also has complete resistance to powdery mildew and high tolerance to downy mildew. Nearly always in flower, the rounded, bushy plants hit a grand slam in the landscape and scores lots of points in a pot, too.

Kardinal Kolorscape

A rich, red shrub from Kordes.  This variety produces tons of blooms and makes a nice landscape alternative to Knock Out.

Knock Out
KNOCK OUT™ (RADrazz) Pat 11836

Rounded, bushy plant is easy to grow and highly disease resistant.  Blooms are magenta with 5-7 petals.  Looks stunning in mass plantings.

Mother of Pearl

A very pretty light pink grandiflora.  Bush grows well and produces lots of nice blooms for cutting.

My Girl
My Girl Rose (Rosa 'BAIgirl') at Schulte's Greenhouse & Nursery

From the Bailey Nurseries' Easy Elegance series, this variety is just as disease-resistant as Knock Out, but has better flowers.  The deep pink blooms generally have good size.  The plant will grow medium in height.

Peppermint Pop

From the same hybridizer as the famous Knock Out, this variety has light pink blooms with a white reverse.  The bushy, medium-height plants grow and bloom well and are just as disease-resistant as Knock Out.

Pink Knock Out
Pink Knock Out bareroot rose

Knock Out set the stage for black spot resistance and you will probably see a multitude of Knock Out knockoffs as the wave of the future. Fortunately, this medium pink is a color mutation or “sport” of the original and boasts a softer, easier color while still maintaining the original’s great plant qualities….a great rounded habit, single flower form and “no spray” black spot resistance. Great for mass plantings where a carefree rose is needed.


Light pink with a strong fragrance.  Can be used for beds and borders, cut flower, garden, landscape or shrub.  Very disease resistant, very mildew resistant.

Take it Easy

A new shrub from Weeks Roses.  The blooms are red with a white reverse.  The plant is rather compact for a shrub.


A medium red shrub that is compact and makes a great container variety.  Just plant it and watch for the color!